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Rockets will always add an extra touch of drama to any display, whether it is a family gathering in the garden or a larger organised event.

Garden rockets offer various effects from colour to starburst and noise and will reach 20 – 30 metres high.

The larger single rockets give spectacular shellbursts, again in a variety of effects






Siren rockets

Siren rockets – £7.50




Pack of 5 small colourful garden rockets to enhance a family display box




Centaur rockets - £14.00

Centaur rockets – £14.00









Pack of 9 rockets in two different sizes each giving a different effect


Cyclops rockets - £22.50

Cyclops rockets – £22.50




Pack of 11 rockets, in two different sizes, each giving an exciting and different effect








Brothers Fireworks Air Bomber

Air Bomber – £17.50



AIR BOMBER – £17.50

Nice and loud – a high powered air bomb rocket to wake up your audience






New Year Fireworks

Astro Blaster – £26.00



Astro Blaster – £26.00

5 high powered rockets each one with a different effect :

Silver strobe

Red Glitter

Time Rain

Silver Chrysanthemum

Crackling Palm





Fireworks New Year

Metal Warriors – £50.00



Metal Warriors – £50.00

Three massive bursting rockets with different effects:

Bright white stars to crackle

Brocade with red strobe glitter stars

Titanium with red tips and red glitter









The King

The King – £27.50


THE KING – £27.50

This really is a magnificent rocket – the ultimate sky filler, show starter, event stopper, crowd pleaser!

Also available in a pre-packed box of four – just ask us for 4-KING MARVELLOUS!



Cupid Selection

Cupid Selection – £29.50


CUPID SELECTION  –  £29.50 each

Single rocket, five different effects available:


Sky Thunder,

Special Ring,

Quantum and

Love is in the Air