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Barrages are an essential part of any firework display, offering great value with their multi-shot design, giving a display of starbursts, bombettes, comets, crackles and colour.  They all fire multiple shots from a single ignition and can range from upright firing to fan-shaped.  The larger barrages eject a variety of effects.

They can also provide a fabulous finale to a small garden display with a large number of these fireworks recommending a spectator distance of 8 or 15 metres.  The larger versions still recommend a spectator distance of 25 metres.

Price list – All Year Round 2024

Detailed below is a selection of some of our more popular all year round lines. 

MOONSHINE – £12.50

16 shots of silver tail to gold palm with silver glitter, red tail to red palms with green glitter, gold tail to gold bursts

SORCERER – £15.00

19 shots of red tails to brocade crown followed by blue tails to rain

STARSHINE – £12.50

16 shots of lemon and sea blue bursts to brocade crown with red stars then brocade crown with red glittering stars

CHARMED – £15.00

19 shots of crackling tails to time rain

12 shot barrage of blue comet to brocade crown with blue stars and silver blinks

click on image for video

CHROMATIC  –  £22.00

25 shots of red tails to green and gold glitter followed by blue and green dahlia bursts

Click on image for video

PRISMATIC – £22.00                                                                                                 

25 shots of red, green and blue peony with white glitter                                                 Click on image for video

BLINK BURST – £27.50

Brocade crown and red glitter, brocade crown and white glitter, ending with a crown to crackles.  Lasting 40 seconds

Recommended distance of 15 metres.

Click on image for video


36 shots of red, green and pink peony with brocade crown bursts

Click on image for video

TANGLED WEB – £32.50

27 shots starting with red waves to crackling golden palms with silver and brocade crown and blue stars                                                                                   Click on image for video

Recommended distance of 25 metres

STARDUST – £32.50

25 shots of blue tailbursts to brocade crown king with blue stars

Click on image for video