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These barrages are designed to create a real wow! factor for the end of a display or an impressive start to it. 


The candle and special effect combinations produce fantastic coloured comets, bombettes and sound effects to delight an audience

You can see here some of the special finale cakes we have available or download the price list to see our full selection


Willards Fireworks Brazilian Bombshell

Brazilian Bombshell – £55.00



Brazilian Bombshell  –  £55.00

Shots:40     Duration: 70 seconds     Distance: 25m

40 thumping shots of red peony, titanium bursts, red crackling coconut, silver fish, green glitter and brocade crown




Willards Firework Finale Seismic Blast

Seismic Blast – £60.00



Seismic Blast  –  £60.00

Shots: 49      Duration: 90 seconds      Distance: 8m

Lovely big bursts of bright comets to red & green tipped silver palms, silver strobes, crackles & gold brocades and finishing with a rapid & noisy finale




Willards fireworks Oceanic

Oceanic – £65.00



Oceanic – £65.00

Shots: 49    Duration: 90 seconds   Distance: 25m

This is a real thumping firework with large calibre tubes ejecting willows and crossettes with gold glitter, silver rain and brocade crowns






Willards Fireworks Kimbolton Raging Vortex

Raging Vortex – £70.00




Raging Vortex – £70.00

Shots:  56   Duration: 60 seconds   Distance: 25m

A vertical firing aerial display from large tubes with volleys of red whirls with green stars mixed with spinners and screaming whistles throughout.  Finishing with whistle and crackle effects and a background of red tails and red strobe willows





Fireworks - finale - The Bandit

The Bandit – £70.00



The Bandit – £70.00

Shots: 100    Duration: 60 seconds   Distance: 25m

An exciting newcomer with a mix of noisy bursts and a finale of gold brocades filling the sky.  This one will really liven up the party!





Kimbolton Fireworks Game Changer

Game Changer – £75.00


Game Changer  –  £75.00

Shots: 118    Duration: 75 seconds    Distance: 25m

This firework gives a really long-lasting display with a fabulous variety of effects including red & green flowers, purple stars, lemon palms, blue stars and a crescendo finale of colour strobes



Kimbolton Fireworks Dancing Fireflies

Dancing Fireflies – £80.00



Dancing Fireflies – £80.00

Shots: 62   Duration:  60 seconds  Distance: 25m

Ideal for those wanting a quieter firework.  A fan-shaped aerial display of waterfall effects with silver ‘fireflies’ and a fan of effects with blue tails, cascading falling leaves and finale of silver comets, red strobe and willows






Fireworks Crazy - £74.99

Fireworks Crazy – £90.00




Fireworks Crazy  –  £90.00 

Releasing all of its powerful 100 shots in just less than one minute this firework really creates aerial mayhem!  Shoots crackling tails to silver spinners; blue, red, white and green mines, whistling tails to gold and silver stars and a quickened and exciting 10-shot finale






The Big Show – £100.00



The Big Show – £100.00

Shots: 83   Duration: 60 seconds  Distance: 25m

83 shots of vertical bursts with silver to red and green twisting tails, silver strobe to gold with red bursts, blue and green tipped brocades ending with a rapid finale of silver comet tails to red and a volley of humming red and silver tails to crackles



Caged Panther Pro - £94.99

Caged Panther Pro – £95.00

CAGED PANTHER PRO  –  £95.00  

66 high powered shots featuring blue tail and wave willow with blue stars, green tail and spider king bursts with green stars, red tail and red palm bursts with chrysanthemums, silver tail with silver blinks, green tail and green palm bursts, red tail and red star bursts with silver blinks, wave willow with green blinks, wave willow mine with chrysanthemums




Willards Fireworks Milton Keynes Caged Tiger Unleashed

Caged Tiger Unleashed – £120.00

Caged Tiger Unleashed – £120.00

Shots: 112   Duration: 95 seconds  Distance: 25m

Lasting almost a minute and a half this firework has a vast array of effects from brocade crown with blue stars & tails, red gold and green palms, willow bursts and a splendid volley finale of wave willow





Willards Fireworks Agincourt Coumpound cake

Agincourt £125.00

Agincourt – £125.00

Shots: 99     Duration: 2 minutes   Distance: 25m

A compound cake consisting of three separate cakes to give some fabulous effects.

Cake 1 – 21 mixed shots of titanium gold palms with silver blinks, silver fishes, golden tails & crackling brocade

Cake 2 – 36 straight shots of red waves, purple peony, green waves and titanium gold palms with tails

Cake 3 – 42 shots of willow with silver tails, purple palms, titanium gold palm tails and fabulous volley finale of wave willow mines