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Our price list for our all year round stock in 2024 is now available for downloading by clicking on the image below.

Whether you are a real firework enthusiast or are daunted by the responsibility of providing a fun and exciting firework display for friends or family we can help you.  With fireworks suitable for all occasions, spectacular bursts for seeing in the New Year, or indeed Chinese New Year, glittery for Diwali, screeches and howls for Halloween or traditional fizzes and bursts for Guy Fawkes night.

We have an updated range on offer this year and have included some new and exciting lines, particularly for you rocket lovers.  

Established for 30 years, we have tried and tested all of the fireworks we sell to the general public.  We are confident that you will not be disappointed.  Our criteria are that the firework must offer good value for money and give the sort of performance the customer is looking for.  We can cater for all needs from boxed selections small family garden parties sky-filling multi-shot fireworks to make your neighbours green with envy.

Willards is the only Milton Keynes firework retailer to offer fireworks for sale all year round.  For us the passion does not begin and end with November 5th.  Also a favourite time for us is New Year and our all year-round stock will cater for BBQs, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or any other celebration.

The price list available for download gives our full range and our staff in the shop will be pleased to help you make your choice.


 The whole team at Willards looks forward to seeing you in store!