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Barrages are an essential part of any firework display, offering great value with their multi-shot design, giving a display of starbursts, bombettes, crackles and colour.  They fire multiple shots from a single ignition ranging from upright to fan-shaped – the larger barrages have a variety of effects. 

They can also provide a fabulous finale to a small garden display though you should bear in mind that an audience distance of 25 metres is recommended for some of the larger barrages.  

This is just a selection of the barrages we have on sale this year and our staff in the shop will be delighted to help you with your choice.


All Year Round Price List









Willards fireworks barrage Button Moon

Button Moon – 8.00


Button Moon  –  8.00

New this year a 12-shot small garden barrage with multi-coloured peony bursts











Willards Fireworks Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb – 8.00

Glitter Bomb  – 8.00

Add this to your garden party to give 7-shots of golden, glittering crackling flowers











Firework barrage - Delta Ray 12.50

Delta Ray – 12.50

Firework Barrage Luminous Flux

Luminous Flux – 12.50














Luminous Flux and Delta Ray – 12.50 (each)

Back by popular demand as these are great value,  multi effect, sky filling beauties for the price!

Luminous Flux gives 25 shots of red & green palms, red & blue stars and crackle flowers

Delta Ray gives 25 shots of silver tails to coloured peonies, white strobes and crackle





Firework Barrage Whispering Charm

Whispering Charm 15.00





Whispering Charm- 15.00

This charming but quiet firework has a good variation of effects.  A red fountain to silver fish with red, white and blue mines followed by silver comets







Superbomb - 17.99

Superbomb – 20.00





25 thumping shots of reds, green and blue tails to titanium salutes









Willards Fireworks - Lavish

Lavish – 20.00





Lavish – 20.00

Firing 25 splendid shots in volleys which produce silver chrysanthemums, crackling stars and comet tails









Titanium Rhapsody – 20.00

Surprisingly large shots from this ever-popular firework.  You won’t be disappointed with the 19 bursts of brocade crown to green peony, followed by red & white glitter chrysanthemum








Monkey Mayhem Brothers Firework

Monkey Mayhem – 20.00


Monkey Mayhem – 20.00 

Multi-coloured and loud – this 12 shot firework really out-performs its size











Brothers New Year Firework

Bling King – 22.50



Bling King – 20.00

16 shots that fire in pairs with a double burst from

each and ejecting sky-filling crackles and palms