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Barrages are an essential part of any firework display, offering great value with their multi-shot design, giving a display of starbursts, bombettes, crackles and colour.  They fire multiple shots from a single ignition ranging from upright to fan-shaped – the larger barrages have a variety of effects. 

They can also provide a fabulous finale to a small garden display though you should bear in mind that an audience distance of 25 metres is recommended for some of the larger barrages.  

This is just a selection of the barrages we have on sale this year and our staff in the shop will be delighted to help you with your choice.

Price List – New Year 2017









Willards fireworks barrage Button Moon

Button Moon – £8.00


Button Moon  –  £8.00

New this year a 12-shot small garden barrage with multi-coloured peony bursts











Willards Fireworks Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb – £8.00

Glitter Bomb  – £8.00

Add this to your garden party to give 7-shots of golden, glittering crackling flowers












Firework Barrage Exploding Cherries

Exploding Cherries – £12.00


Exploding Cherries – £12.00

A really popular bright and cheerful firework which ejects 16-exciting explosive red starbursts









Firework barrage - Delta Ray £12.50

Delta Ray – £12.50

Firework Barrage Luminous Flux

Luminous Flux – £12.50














Luminous Flux and Delta Ray – £12.50 (each)

Back by popular demand as these are great value,  multi effect, sky filling beauties for the price!

Luminous Flux gives 25 shots of red & green palms, red & blue stars and crackle flowers

Delta Ray gives 25 shots of silver tails to coloured peonies, white strobes and crackle

X-C-Lent New Year Firework

X-C-Lent – £17.50





X-C-Lent – £17.50

Ejecting 290 small frantic shots with crackles and bangs







Firework Barrage Whispering Charm

Whispering Charm £15.00





Whispering Charm- £15.00

This charming but quiet firework has a good variation of effects.  A red fountain to silver fish with red, white and blue mines followed by silver comets







New Year Firework

Scarlett Wizzard – £20.00



Scarlett Wizzard – £20.00

25 shots each bursting after a corkscrew effect as it heads skyward to finish in a colour burst of splendid red stars







Superbomb - £17.99

Superbomb – £20.00




SUPERBOMB – £20.00

25 thumping shots of reds, green and blue tails to titanium salutes









Willards Fireworks - Lavish

Lavish – £20.00





Lavish – £20.00

Firing 25 splendid shots in volleys which produce silver chrysanthemums, crackling stars and comet tails








Barrage - Titanium Rhapsody

Titanium Rhapsody – £20.00




Titanium Rhapsody – £20.00

Surprisingly large shots from this ever-popular firework.  You won’t be disappointed with the 19 bursts of brocade crown to green peony, followed by red & white glitter chrysanthemum








Monkey Mayhem Brothers Firework

Monkey Mayhem – £20.00


Monkey Mayhem – £20.00 

Multi-coloured and loud – this 12 shot firework really out-performs its size











Brothers New Year Firework

Bling King – £22.50



Bling King – £20.00

16 shots that fire in pairs with a double burst from

each and ejecting sky-filling crackles and palms